The Bittersweets and Steven Delopoulos

In Music on September 13, 2008 at 1:54 pm

For my inaugural live music outing I went to go listen to The Bittersweets and Steven Delopoulos. Steven Delopoulos was part of the Christian band Burlap to Cashmere back in the day, who were one of the few bands that had a unique and distinctive sound. He’s now gone solo. Check out his CD “Straightjacket.” His songs usually involve catchy fingerpicking with lots and lots of words. The Bittersweets are a band I discovered when they opened for Vienna Teng in Houston. They’re a band that’s a mixture of simple and elegant folk/country/pop melodies. They just released a new CD “Goodnight San Francisco,” which I’m enjoying a lot.B7229A77-DD2D-41CA-BA69-B7FD298220A1.jpg 17F8AE6B-15FD-4BDF-AA4B-E2C0AADB6C92.jpg











After the show we talked to both Steven and the Bittersweets. Like true Asians we took pictures with them, and our group pic is now part of the slideshow on their homepage. I feel slightly notorious!


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