The Cost of a Wedding

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According to the wedding planning website The Knot, the average wedding costs $27,800. Conde Nast Bridal Media (Modern Bride, Bridal Magazine, Elegant Bride, etc) says the average wedding costs $27,852, a very similar figure to The Knot’s.

The message they want to get across: the typical American couple spends $27,000 on their wedding.

This is bullshit. In this case, “average wedding” does not mean “typical wedding.”

A quick statistics rehash

The statistical average, or mean, is calculated by adding up all the values in the survey and dividing the sum by the number of values in the survey.

The median of a set is the value that evenly divides the set of values so that half of the values are lower than the median, and half are higher.

The problem with the statistical mean is that it is affected by outliers, like the exorbitantly expensive weddings ($100,000 and up). For large surveys, the median is often the more reliable statistic to refer for a look at a typical value. Large surveys such as the cost of a typical American wedding.

The median cost of American weddings


Almost half of the average that was reported by The Knot and Conde Naste. This means there were just as many weddings in America that cost under $15,000 as those that cost more than $15,000.

How much you spend on your wedding depends greatly on a lot of factors of personal preference.
Just don’t buy into the messaging: the typical American wedding costs $15,000, not $30,000.


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