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GTA and Braid: Games as art

In Video Games on September 26, 2008 at 4:45 pm

The pinnacle of modern blockbuster video games is Grand Theft Auto IV, which came out earlier this year. Everyone knows GTA as the violent game where you can pick up a prostitute, do the deed, then heartlessly murder said prostitute as she leaves the car to get your money back. What most people don’t know, what gets little attention in the media, is that GTA IV is about an immigrant hoping to find redemption in the American Dream. It’s a game about American culture, which is why it’s full of violence and sex and drugs and dirty language and crooked cops and crafty politicians and offensive stereotypes. It’s why it’s there are terrible fast-food joints, strip clubs, AK-47s, fast cars, hummers, bazookas, ultra-right-wing radio talk shows, creepy dating websites and annoying ringtones for your cell phone. It’s satire and commentary. It’s unfortunate it is discounted as a waste of time simply because the protagonist’s actions are controlled by a joystick.

Just like there are blockbuster movies and indie movies, there are blockbuster video games and indie video games. And just like indie movies, indie video games tend to be me creative, and dare I say, artistic. Read the rest of this entry »